New Visit and Note button V2.02

We have just upgraded last night to version 2.02 and I was really looking forward to the new feature of a single add visit and note button on patient summary to save time and clicks - I was very wrong!

I am very frustrated and disappointed that this addition has made it through development and has been implemented....I do not think it has been thought through clearly

My concerns:

1. Reason - you have to select one of the pre storred reasons otherwise the visit is left as NO REASON

2. Summary - this field is not available to write free hand (Often we leave Reason blank and write a heading in summary to give others an overview of what the note contains - so you dont have to read all the notes if it is not relevant to the issue at hand)

3. Notes - this is fine

4. Clinician -you must put in a clinicians name - this does not allow for a nurse to add a visit and note about pre op call or make a note regarding a progress of a patient

Topping all this off is when you click on OK - it leaves the visit IN PROGRESS!! - you have to manually go back and COMPLETE the visit which is not a) logical b) user friendly.....When you add a visit and a note separately it will complete the visit.

As our implementers, Tony and Asha, know I am lost for words how this can get through a development stage and be approved as an improvement as it creates more work and is the bane of my life at the moment - visits left in progress....

I know that we can get around most of the above ie by adding in a specific reason ie communication which I have done.... I know that we can then put the visit under a particular vet and then delete it later, or making up a new clinician as Nurse, and I know that we can go back and complete the visit ..... 

But the question is then is how is this new feature a benefit to users?

I can get around most of my concerns but leaving the visit IN PROGESS is going to do my head in!


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Re: New Visit and Note button V2.02

Hi Anna,
  going through your points:

1. You can set a default Visit Reason via Administration - Lookups.
    Note that this default will be used for all visits.

2. We can expose the Summary for editing, but a Visit Reason is preferable, as it supports reporting. Raised as OVPMS-2116. This will be in the OpenVPMS 2.1 release.

4. The mandatory clinician and In Progress status is a bug. Raised as OVPMS-2117
    This will be fixed shortly, and available in the OpenVPMS 2.0.4 release.




Re: New Visit and Note button V2.02

Thanks Tim for your reply.

I hope that you can understand my frustration with this bug (clinician field and IN PROGRESS) ....and wondering how we can work together to resolve it asap.

I do appreciate that bugs happen and will continue to do so, however I thought that the updates are tested pre release and it surprises me that this bug was not picked up prior to release and that my implementers were not aware of the bug. It is a significant bug that was obvious after only 30 minutes of using the new version. Leaving history notes in progress has a huge negative impact on our histories.

We update OPEN every 12 -18 months, with significant costs, and I go through the pre release notes and there was no mention in that of any bugs ....

Can you let me know - other than not using the function, how can we speed up resolution of this bug.... I can work with the other issues I have but really need the function of the add visit and note to automatically complete when OK is clicked.

If I knew that this bug was present then I would have skipped these updates and waited to the 2.0 4 release.

Thanks again, Anna

Re: New Visit and Note button V2.02

The issue has been fixed and an interim build is available. If you are willing to try it out, your integrator can install it for you.

Yours is the first comment I've seen about this particular issue, and OpenVPMS 2.0 has been out since May last year.

Re: New Visit and Note button V2.02

Thank you - I am really surprised - can you tell me how many clinics have upgraded to this version?

I will talk to Tony and Asha about what our options are..

Re: New Visit and Note button V2.02

I don't have that information, but anecdotally around 45 practices are running OpenVPMS 2.0.x.

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