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I am just considering changing hospital administrations programs. OpenVPMS seems like a good choice. Is there anyone within driving distance to visit their location and learn from them for initial installation. I am located north of Guelph Ontario

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Re: Ontario Canada Users

Hello, there is a clinic in Kamloops BC which is a long way from you but I am sure they would be happy to share their thoughts with you.


Re: Ontario Canada Users


We are indeed not really within driving distance but have been users of OpenVPMS since 2014.  Excellent program and we give it our highest recommendations.

Our adoption was not without some work on our part, however, as OVPMS was originally designed for use in the one-tax environment of Australia (VAT) and needed to be adapted for use in our two-tax system (GST and PST).  Others have adapted the program for use in even more complex environments. We have made the necessary changes, not by altering the inner workings of the program itself, but only to the template files that are used to construct customer and financial documents such as client invoices/credits (splits tax into PST and GST), sales reports (breaks out PST/GST for govt. reporting), etc.  Overall, OVPMS has quite an extensive reporting system (most of which remains unchanged for our use) and we are able to produce everything that is required for our accountant and practice evaluator. 

While we would be pleased to advise you and pass on to you the templates we are using currently (a basic package has been donated to the project as a Canadian PST/GST Template Package) we are currently in the process of migrating all of our servers (Linux Ubuntu 14.04 which reaches end-of-life in April, 2019) to Ubuntu 18.04. I suspect that this project will not be completed until some time in the Spring (or after the release of OVPMS 2.1) and we may need to do some rework of the templates at that time.  If you are looking at hosting on Windows servers, there are others much better qualified in the group to advise you on the proper setup.  Also, if you are looking at doing data migration from a previous records system to OVPMS, you might need to get in contact with others who would better be able to advise you (we started fresh, new practice).

Should you wish to contact me about our experiences or have specific questions about what we've done to adapt OVPMS for our use, please don't hesitate to call.

Thanks for your interest,

Sam Longiaru

Bookkeeper, IT

Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital

Kamloops, BC                     


Re: Ontario Canada Users


Thank you for the replies Peter and Sam. Kamloops is not that far in the bigger picture of things. My daughter is in Calgary. My wife who is our office manager visits her regularly and once we get further down the road with this project Calgary to Kamloops is a pleasant drive in the spring.

Not sure if it is appropriate to share emails but please contact me off line dr.bob.wright[at]gmail[dot]com

Cheers  Bob


Dr. Robert Wright

6958 Wellington Rd 16, RR #1 Belwood Ont.

N0B 1J0, Canada

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Robert Wright

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