Printed drug labels

Good morning. Just wanting some advice on how I extend the characters printed out on the drug label.

I understand that it is the printed name of the product that is printed out on the drug label. We seem to have a limited number of characters that print out - perhaps 20 and we often are missing packet size

ie Frusemide 20 mg 100 tablets comes out as Frusemide 20mg

How can I adjust how the labels are set up?

Thanks! Anna

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Re: Printed drug labels

The standard label templates won't truncate text, but long product names will wrap around over subsequent label fields if they are too long. To avoid this, products have a Printed Name field which will be used in preference to the actual Product Name.

The default label template shipped with OpenVPMS is for 30258 Diskette 54x70mm  (2 1/8 x 2 3/4 inch) labels. This is located in reports/Patient/Labels/Diskette/Label.jrxml.

It displays <Product Name> x<Quantity> for the product.

The combined length of these fields must be up to 25 characters before wrapping occurs.

In your case, 'Frusemide 20 mg 100 tablets' is 26 characters, so it sounds like if you using the standard template, the Printed Name is being used.

Reducing the font size from 9 to 8 will allow 28 characters to be displayed.
Further changing it from bold to plain text will allow 31 characters to be displayed.

I've attached a modified diskette label template with these changes. If you are using a different template, you will need to modify accordingly.





Label.jrxml 11.48 KB

Re: Printed drug labels

Hmm ... that is a very different format to our current labels.

Can understand that there are a number of characters available... but cannot understand why more characters dont print out..


For Frusemide the current printed name is:

Frusemide 20mg (100tabs)


is there something I am missing? Thanks Anna



Re: Printed drug labels

You're using a custom template, so its hard to say. It may not even be using the printed name field.

If you're willing to share it on the forum and there are no copyright issues, I can take a look.

You'll need to:

1. go to Administration - Templates and look for the template with type Patient Medication Label.
2. Click View
3. Click on the Content (probably named Label.jrxml or similar). This will display a popup asking you what to do.
4. Save the file, and then upload it to a forum reply.

Re: Printed drug labels

Thanks yes, I did not realise it was custom till I uploaded the one that you attached. 

For memory Cath Colton created it when we started OPEN - will up load it tomorrow.

Thanks Anna

Re: Printed drug labels

Hello - this is the report that we are using to create our drug labels.  Thanks Anna

label Dymo Species 15.12.11.jrxml 11.75 KB

Re: Printed drug labels

That label is only set up to print the Printed Name field, and it will support names approximately 22 characters long using the Helvetica Bold 10 point font. Anything longer will be truncated. I suspect it truncates at the first space character.

Changing the font to 8 point SansSerif font gives approximately 28 characters.


label Dymo Species.jrxml 9.58 KB

Re: Printed drug labels

Thank you - shall give it a go with the smaller font!

Re: Printed drug labels

Thank you - yes it seems now to print out the Printed drug name - but the print preview differs from what is printed in that the quantity does not always print...

I have attached both the print preview and the actual label for the same product.

The issue arises when a client purchases 2 boxes of 100 tablets.

Thanks Anna


Drug Label.pdf 1.71 KB
Printed label.jpg 1.49 MB

Re: Printed drug labels

Your label printer seems to have a wide right margin. I've reverted the field width to that of the original, but reduced the font size. You may need to check your printer settings to see if the margins can be reduced if you want to fit more text in.




label Dymo Species.jrxml 9.58 KB
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