Problem with reminders

Good evening,

I am wondering if anyone has seen this problem with reminders?  The site is running OpenVPMS version 2.1 on a windows machine and as of today when you try to access the reminder types you get the following error message -

and when you click on a reminder in the system ready to be processed you get the following message so you can not view the reminder -

The problem appeared when one of the Vets tried to create a reminder as part of an invoice today. Up until then no problem and to the best of my understanding nothing has changed systems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Des
(The dad who fixes the IT problems!!)

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Re: Problem with reminders

The "No node named counts in archetype entity.reminderType" means that the entity.reminderType archetype has been edited, or an old version loaded.

If you are running the standard archetypes you can:

  • load the originals using the archload script in the bin/ directory of the installation
  • restart tomcat

If you have customised archetypes, you can load just the entity.reminderType archetype with Administration - Archetypes - Import . It is located in <OPENVPMS_HOME>/update/archetypes/org/openvpms/archetype/reminder/entity.reminderType.adl


Re: Problem with reminders

Thanks very much Tim .... problems sorted.

I am not sure why or how the archetype might have been changed I will ask some questions to see if I can get a better understanding.

If you are over in the West going forward let me know and I will buy you a bottle of wine!

Cheers Des

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