Reminder reporting in 2.0.x

Hi all,

I'm still trying to get my head around the reminder system in version 2.0.x after upgrading from 1.9.3. We have not utilised SMS or email reminders but relied on running a reminder report in the past to list all the reminders due each month. After upgrading, I'm having trouble with viewing reminders.

Firstly, we did not assign reminders to Reminder Type in the past so no reminders had been queued. So we tried by re-assigning reminders to Patient List Reminder type and did a test run by clicking Send All. When I tried to preview the Print Reminder List, I got an error 'No document template available for report type: Reminder'. Do I need to upload a template for List Reminder? I could only find selection for SMS and email templates.

Secondly, all older (non current month I assumed) reminders were dequeued with error 'Reminder not processed in time'. Is there a way to generate a list of the dequeued reminders or to re-queue them again?

Thirdly, I tried to run the Patient Reminders Report and Grouped Reminders Report but an error appeared 'Cannot run reports that don't have an embedded SQL query'. (I've uploaded the new respective jrxml files from the 2.0.4 release Reports>Reporting>Reminders directory). What did I do incorrectly?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Re: Reminder reporting in 2.0.x

There are a couple of Document Templates used for reminders that are included in the distribution:

  • Patient Reminders Report
    Used when printing a list of reminders.

    Type: Reminder Report
    Load from: <OPENVPMS_HOME>/reports/Reporting/Reminders/<paper size>/Patient Reminders.jrxml

  • Grouped Reminders Report
    This needs to be loaded if you want to group reminders by customer or patient.
    Once loaded, it needs to be linked to the Reminder Configuration.

    Type: Grouped Reminders
    Load from: <OPENVPMS_HOME>/reports/Reporting/Reminders/<paper size>/Grouped Reminders.jrxml

Note the Type. These are used solely for reminder processing. You cannot run them from Reporting - Reports.

For Dequeued reminders, you have a couple of options, both available from the Reporting - Reminders - Resend tab:

  1. Select the reminder, and Preview. For Print and List reminders, this can be used to print the reminder.
  2. Go through each Dequeued reminder, and change the Status to Sent, then click Send All

Option 1 is useful if you have a handful of reminders, but for List reminders will generate a page per reminder.

Option 2 should be used if you have a lot of reminders, or want to generate a single listing for List reminders. Note that you should:

  • set the Type to the type of reminder you want to resend. If you only want to print a listing, change it to Patient List Reminder to avoid reprinting Patient Print Reminders or resending Patient Email Reminders for example.
  • set the Status to Sent (after you have updated the Dequeued reminders)
  • set the date range to limit the reminders that will be resent

Note that reminders are Dequeued if:

  • the Cancel Time for the reminder from the reminder configuration says they are out of date
  • the patient is deceased, or inactive
  • the customer is inactive

When resending reminders, it will ignore the Cancel Time. If the patient is deceased or inactive, or the customer is inactive, the reminder will be excluded.



Re: Reminder reporting in 2.0.x

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your explanation! It is much appreciated! Indeed, I didn't select the right Type when I loaded the Patient Reminders Report and Grouped Reminders Report. I've also adjusted the Cancel Time in Reminder Configuration now.

When our implementer helped us setup our Reminder Types initially years ago, we have 2nd or 3rd reminders in the Count tab setup with the Contact tick box checked under the Rules tab. I've now deleted those as I found that I could not edit to change them from Contact to List instead. Is this a bug? Shouldn't the Contact tick box be made redundant anyway with the new reminder system?

I've now added 2nd or 3rd reminder counts with List now but is it normal that a reminder won't default to List automatically when generated even if the tick box was checked? As I found that I still need to Add the reminder to Patient List Reminder when prompted.


Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Reminder reporting in 2.0.x

A Reminder Count can have multiple rules so that you can preferentially determine which method is used to send a reminder.
To change a rule, you need to select it first in the table, and then toggle the checkboxes:

If you don't specify any rules, a Patient List Reminder will be generated when the reminder queuing job runs.

More details on how the rules work can be found in the help:

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