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Is there anyway to set prices to round to say the nearest ten cents?

This would save a lot of time going in and manually changing prices when doing price rises etc.

Would be interested in contributing to this if it could be done.




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Re: Rounding Prices

This is supported using Price Rounding.

Re: Rounding Prices

Why didn't I know this before?  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Re: Rounding Prices

It's been in OpenVPMS since the 1.9 release. Its a little buried in the New Features page.

Re: Rounding Prices


I have recently activated this feature and it seems to work on some products but not all.

Would there be any specific product structures/set up that I may need to look at?

Thanks in Advance,


Re: Rounding Prices

Do you have any examples of when its not working?
From the documentation:

Price Rounding

Tax-inclusive prices are rounded to the default number of decimal places for the currency.

This can be changed by specifying a Minimum Price on the practice Currency.

The practice currency can be selected in Adminstration>Organisation>Practice.

The currency is a lookup, the rounding can be changed by editing the lookup in Administration>Lookups

E.g., to round prices to the nearest 5 cents, specify 0.05 for the Minimum Price.

Tax-inclusive prices will be rounded to the Minimum Price:

  • when editing a product, and the Cost, Markup, or Price is changed
  • after a Service Ratio is applied during charges or estimates
  • a delivery is finalised that triggers an update to a unit price

Note that the Markup and Max Discount may be recalculated after the price is rounded.

Tax-inclusive prices will not be rounded to the Minimum Price:

  • if the price is manually entered during charging or estimating
  • if they are imported

Re: Rounding Prices

Thanks  for the reply :)

I guess I am missing something - some tablets/cat food with no linked prices rounded down as you would when a cash payment is made eg .22c to .20c

A tablet again with no linked price I sold as 1/2 a tablet and this did not round at all - stayed at .53c

Injection with an already rounded linked fee did not round the medication invoiced.

I have attached a screen shot of the currency page.

Thanks Again


Currency setup.PNG 5.97 KB

Re: Rounding Prices

If you go to Products - Information, do the Fixed Price and Unit Price for those products display to the nearest five cents?

Re: Rounding Prices


Yes but it is a per ml and we may only gave a part of a ml.

And yes the tablet for 1 is rounded but we sold 1/2 of a tablet.

The per ml drug has a linked price that is rounded.

The tablet has no linked or fixed only unit.

Re: Rounding Prices

1. What version are you running?

2. Do the products have a discount? The line item total after a discount is applied is not rounded, as rounding happens to the prices, not the discount.

Re: Rounding Prices


We are running 1.9.3

No discounts on products in query.

p.s. It is correct that items that are .22c will go down to .20 rather than up to .25c

Thanks for your help, I bet you love it when people discover new features

Bernie :)

Re: Rounding Prices

OK. The feature only applies to the prices themselves. The line item total isn't rounded to the minimum price, which I think is what you are after.
Also, in OpenVPMS 1.9 and 2.0, the price can round down to zero if the prices is less than half of the minimum price. In OpenVPMS 2.1, it will never round below the minimum price.

Re: Rounding Prices

Thank You

Might turn it back off and back on when we next update.


Re: Rounding Prices

>A tablet again with no linked price I sold as 1/2 a tablet and this did not round at all - stayed at .53c

What you are looking for (and doesn't exist) is invoice line item rounding: ie sell 0.7ml of injection at $12.70 per ml and you hope to see $8.90, but you will see $8.89. 

Price rounding occurs in the product list not on the invoice.  I've asked for invoice line rounding for years, but there's reluctance to implement this feature (even as an opt-in / opt-out).

Re: Rounding Prices

Yes I would like the invoice total to be rounded :)

Re: Rounding Prices

The invoice total needs to sum up to the line item totals. It can't be rounded to the nearest 5 cents for example. There is an ACCC release related to this:

As to rounding line items to a minimum price other than the minimum denomination, does any point-of-sale software do this?

Re: Rounding Prices

From the Canadian perspective, rounding is being done exactly as it should in OVPMS... not on the line item and not on the invoice.  Only upon selecting cash payment is a rounded invoice total shown on the screen (in our case to the nearest 5 cents) and debit card (EFTPOS) and credit card payments display the unrounded amount.

Anything else would be in conflict with our legal requirements I believe. 

Sam Longiaru
Kamloops, BC

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