Scheduled Reports Tweak


For scheduled reports would be good to be able to specify a document name (File Format Name) that over-rides the normal document name.




I have several slightly different versions of the same report that run each month. When I save these the file names they all the same and they have to be manually renamed or over write one another.


Not a big issue at all – just one of those small usability tweaks that would be lovely if time and money allowed.


: )





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Re: Scheduled Reports Tweak

This is supported via the File Name Format field of the report's Document Template.

If you use the 'Document name - today's date' format, the report will have the current date attached, e.g. Key Performance Indicators - 3 Dec 2019'.

If you want to run the same report multiple times in a day, you'll need to create a new File Name Format that includes hours/minutes.

Alternatively, configure multiple Scheduled Reports and specify a different output Directory for each one.

Re: Scheduled Reports Tweak

mmmm. yeah - but this doesn't really fix the problem.

1) We have documents delivered by email so directry method won't work for us.

2) We have 2-3 of the same report run at the end of each month with different variables. The name in the "File Name Format" is drawn from the document template name, not the scheduled report name. Is there a macro I can use to create a few file name format that draws the document name from the scheduled report name if being produced via a scheduled report vs the document template name if being run as a normal report?


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