Statement and other automated emails

Just FYI we noted that monthly statements that are sent are not logged in the Comms log...they probably should be so that when clients complain they have not yet received it ...we can trace it back 

Side note Tim A have you got any sort of SLF4J config that could just log a message when an email is sent from open - we are switching over to AWS SES as a provider - due to send grids abysmal blacklisting.  Unfortunately, SES's delivery tracking is not as fine-grained as Sendgrid




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Re: Statement and other automated emails

Statements will be logged to Communications in 2.1.2.

Mail logging cannot be enabled in production releases, however support has been added for 2.1.2

Re: Statement and other automated emails

Additionally, I have noted that the mail window seems to be appending a space after the semicolon in the email window.  Resulting in a message telling you it can't send mail to a malformed email address. 

Clicking into the email windows and backspacing once fixes the issue.

ie in To:

Joe Bloggs <Joe.bloggs[at]email[dot]com>; 


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