Uploading prescription template & inserting hyperlinks



I am wanting to edit our prescription template and add in a couple of hyperlinks.

If possible would like to add in hyperlinks for medication, dosage instructions, repeats and prescription expiry. Is this possible and if so how do I go about it please?

Also is there a way of incorporating prescription templates (patient letter) into the "6. Prescriptions" tab within the patient file? Or is this tab purely for medications we physically dispense rather than scripts to be printed for a pharmacy?

Kind regards,

Karen :-)



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Re: Uploading prescription template & inserting hyperlinks

Karen - first we need some backgroup information:

a) what version of OpenVPMS are you running?

b) is 'our prescription template' a customised version of the standard Prescription.odt

You should be able to simply edit the odt document using Open Office Writer to insert the reference links that you need.

If you then email the pdf version of the prescription to sombody this will contain the links and they should be able to click on them.

Repeats etc: The standard 1.9 and 1.8 versions of Prescription.odt do display the repeats etc information.  The 1.9 version uses the letterhead facility to insert the practice location name and address etc - however you do need to insert your own logo.

The Prescription tab: as is explained on its help screen http://www.openvpms.org/documentation/csh/1.9/patient/prescription/edit (what you get when Alt-F1 is pressed when this screen is displayed, this screen is used to create and display prescriptions. It supports in-house dispensing - ie as per http://www.openvpms.org/documentation/csh/1.9/concepts/prescriptions :

"when invoice line items are being added, the system checks to see whether there is a valid current prescription for the selected product - if so the user is prompted  to see if they want to dispense using the selected prescription or not.  If not the standard medication dispensing process is used."

Since 1.8, Pharmacy integration has been supported - see http://www.openvpms.org/documentation/csh/1.8/topics/how/pharmacies


You ask "Also is there a way of incorporating prescription templates (patient letter) into the "6. Prescriptions"":  Yes and no: when you use the Print button on the Prescriptions tab, this uses the template tagged as Type 'Prescription' to print the prescription - and as I indicated above the standard template is Prescription.odt

NOTE that this has type Prescription, not Patient Letter.

Essentially, all this is doing is providing a printed version of the data on the screen, and thus does provide a document that the customer can take to their own pharmacy to get fulfilled.

Hope this clarifies things, Regards, Tim G

Re: Uploading prescription template & inserting hyperlinks

Hi Tim,

We are currently running 1.9.

No our prescription template is quite different to that which is in your resource library. There are hyperlinks in it but it also includes our header and footer. It's currently sourced through patient letters via the "documents" tab in the patient file.

When we try to print from the prescriptions tab an error message appears "No document template available for report type: Prescription".

Many thanks,





Karen Lynch

Head Nurse

Yarrambat Veterinary Hospital

541 Yan Yean Rd

Yarrambat 3091

Ph: 0394361699

Re: Uploading prescription template & inserting hyperlinks

Karen - email the patient letter that you are currently using to tim dot gething at bigpond dot com and I will meld it with the standard Prescription.odt

Note that the fact that there is no document of type Prescription in your system indicates that the person who did your 1.9 upgrade omitted to install the 1.9 document templates (see http://www.openvpms.org/documentation/csh/1.9/topics/installing-openvpms... )

This means that you are missing a whole lot of new and improved reports as well as the letterhead facility.

Regards, Tim G


Re: Uploading prescription template & inserting hyperlinks

I have sent Karen a customised version of the 1.9 Prescription.odt - I also did some fixes to the standard version - see https://openvpms.atlassian.net/browse/OVPMS-1924

The only 'customisation' on Karen's version from the fixed one is the insertion of the practice's logo.

Note that to the very best of my understanding all the 'hyperlinked' information that Karen needed is in fact part of the standard 1.9 Prescription.odt

Regards, Tim G

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