Zoetis-OpenVPMS collaboration on stock control?

Zoetis recently decided to sell products direct to vets rather than thru traditional vet suppliers, with no consultation in advance. This has caused significant difficulties with extra time wasted on stock control where previously OpenVPMS was fully integrated with most suppliers, in our case Provet. Zoetis claim that integration with OpenVPMS is a "high priority". Can you advise if there has been any contact from Zoetis regarding this important matter?

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Re: Zoetis-OpenVPMS collaboration on stock control?

Hi Jim,

I had some conversation with Zoetis in early October and they were definitely intending to expedite development of a ESCI interface to allow electronic ordering through OpenVPMS.  I also had some conversations with their developers up until a few weeks ago.  I will check the status of the development.  Hopefully they are close ...



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