The general reports section under "Reporting" is used for all other reports that you might want to run in the system. These reports are customizable and as such will be different for most implementations of OpenVPMS.

To run a report, click on it and then click "Run".

You'll notice that some reports will ask you for more information. When this happens, type in the information and click "Ok" to print the report.

enlightenedTip: Anytime you see "Preview", you can view the report without printing it.

In the process of running the report, it's also possible to export the data. This is useful if you'd like to perform some other calculation on the data, or send the information to someone in a different format.

Don't forget to get involved in the OpenVPMS community. There are many reports that users have created and have contributed back to the community that don't ship with OpenVPMS. Working with your administrator, you can load any of these community created reports.

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