Access application context in reports

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This project will make the current application context available to reports.

For Jasper Reports, these will be available as fields.

For OpenOffice reports, these will be available as user fields.

Fields will be prefixed with "OpenVPMS." to avoid clashes with existing fields.

These can be used:

  • to customise forms and letters - e.g. include the current practice location name and address in report headings
  • as alternatives to report parameters. e.g. rather than entering the current customer identifier as a parameter, this can be determined automatically

Supported Fields


Field Description
OpenVPMS.patient The current patient
OpenVPMS.customer The current customer
OpenVPMS.practice The current practice
OpenVPMS.location The current practice location
OpenVPMS.stockLocation The current stock location
OpenVPMS.supplier The current supplier
OpenVPMS.product The current product
OpenVPMS.deposit The current deposit account
OpenVPMS.till The current till
OpenVPMS.clinician The current clinician
OpenVPMS.user The current user

The current invoice. Only valid:

  • if in checkin, consult, checkout workflows
  • if an invoice is selected in the charges workspace

The visit for the current patient. Only valid:

  • if a patient visit is selected
  • if in the checkin, consult, or checkout workflow

The current appointment. Only valid:

  • when checking, consulting or checking out using an appointment
  • if an appointment is selected
OpenVPMS.task The current task. Only valid:
  • when consulting or checking out using a task
  • if a task is selected

To simplify accessing nodes of the relevant objects, the archetype dot notation will be supported e.g. given the patient OpenVPMS.patient you can access its name using, identifier using etc.

Sample use - Jasper Reports

  • $F{} - access the current practice location name

Sample use - Open Office

  • - access the current customer identifier





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Re: Access application context in reports

Tim A - I concur.  Tell me if you need me to add money.  Regards, Tim G

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