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To better support accounting and pricing, provide support for Departments.

These represent areas of the practice e.g. Consulting, Surgery, Emergency, and will be used to:

  • classify charges for improved reporting
  • determine pricing via calendar-based service ratios

An OpenVPMS practice can have any number of Departments.
These are independent of practice locations.

Users can be associated with Departments - if a user has Departments, they can only select from those Departments, otherwise they can select from all Departments.

Service Ratios

Department Service Ratios can be used to apply a multiplier to prices for products of a given product type for a Department. They can also have a calendar, to determine when the multiplier applies.

The multiplier is used when generating charges. This facility is designed to enable:

  • different Departments (such as those used for over-night emergency or house-call operations) to charge more for products of certain types
  • surcharges or discounts to be applied on particular product types at certain times.

Department Service Ratios are similar to Location Service Ratios except they provide finer control over pricing. Department Service Ratios take precedence over Location Service Ratios.

User Interface

  • The current Department will be displayed in a combo box next to the practice location at the top right of the screen.

  • When editing a charge, the current Department will be shown

  • Charge items will provide a Department field which defaults to current Department.
    This is editable.

  • When the Department is changed on a charge item, it becomes the current Department

  • Changing the current Department prompts to update each charge item with the new Department.
    The new Department becomes the default for subsequent charge items.
  • If the Department is on a line item prior to a template being expanded, it will be assigned to each line item generated by the template expansion

  • Changing the Department on a line item produced by a template expansion will prompt to update the other line items produced by that template expansion

  • Where a Department has a service ratio for a product type, it will be used to determine the price for the product

  • Estimates will not support Departments.
    When invoicing an estimate, the Department on each line item will default to the last selected.


  • Departments will be modelled using entities, configured via Administration - Organisation
  • For reporting purposes, Departments will also include an optional Department Code identity, an alphnumeric string. This can be used in reporting.
  • Departments can be assigned to a user by editing the user in Administration - Users
  • To be displayed, Departments must be enabled via a Departments option in the practice

Default departments

The following departments will be included:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient


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