Additional report delivery formats

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The idea of this sub project of the Business Analysis Toolkit is to allow the existing Report section to produce its reports in a limited set of export formats.


CSV - for use in spreadsheet applications

XML - for use in programming and some database applications


The SQL from the reports will be used to generate the dataset but instead of merging to a pdf, the raw data will dump instead.





This project was contributed free of charge to the OpenVPMS community by Tony De Keizer of Vertical Connect. We are very thankful.


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Additional report delivery

Hi Guys,

I have added some functionality to the existing Reporting framework to allow reports to be exported into CSV format and downloaded to the browser.

I added a "Export" button to the standard report dialogue. 

Thanks to Jasper Reports the coding was pretty straight forward although I am still working on some ways to remove the titles, headers and footer information which is generally not required in exported data. We may need to develop reports which are tailored to csv output (no fancy formatting, headers etc) initially.

In the first cut which will be included in the 1.4 release I only support CSV output.  Adding direct XML and XLS output is also possible but will require some additional coding and GUI changes.   I suggest these can wait till version 1.5.  Users will still be able to open and use the CSV data in Excel/Open Office Calc etc.




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