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A facility for copying appointments has been requested. The requirements are as follows:

1. Appointments may be copied:

  • within a schedule
  • from one schedule to another
  • to a schedule in a different schedule view

2. Appointments would be copied with Ctrl-C, and pasted one or more times with Ctrl-V.

3. Any appointment may be copied - the copied appointment will have Pending status

4. An edit dialog will be displayed if the pasted appointment:

  • has an appointment type not linked to the current schedule
  • overlaps an existing appointment




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Re: Appointment copying

This is great, thanks Tim! Quick question, would the 'copy' work like a normal window clipboard copy so it can be 'pasted' multiple times or would it be like the cut function in OpenVPMS that it can only be executed once?

Anthony (ActiVet)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Appointment copying

I've updated the requirements to indicate that it can be pasted multiple times.

Update 1/4: This project has now been costed.


Re: Appointment copying

This is great Tim. I will contribute 20% A copy function on the appointment screen will save my nurses heaps of time.

Paul Martin.

Re: Appointment copying

Thanks Tim! I'd like to contribute 10% to the funding for this function.


Anthony (ActiVet)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Appointment copying

I'll fund 35%

Re: Appointment copying

We will fund 20% of this project...


15% to go!!

Re: Appointment copying

We will contribute the balance of this!

Appointment copying (Funding Update 100%)

Better late then never on this notification!

This project has been fully funded and has been sent to the developers. It should be in the 1.6 release!


Well done all contributors.

Could DiN and Ben contact me on op_funding[at][dot]au with your invoicing details.


matt C

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