Appointment transfer to worklist

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If a patient needs to be admitted to hospital after a consultation, a new work list task needs to be created, and any relevant documents created and printed manually.  

This project will add a new Transfer button to Workflow - Scheduling that is enabled when an appointment is selected that is one of Checked In, In Progress, Admitted, Billed or Completed. This will:

  1. prompt for a work list

Work lists will be limited to ones associated with current practice location

  1. display a Print window if the target work list has templates or Use All Templates is ticked, listing the available templates to print.
  2. add a work list task for the selected work list, for the appointment patient

The task will be given the same status as appointment if they have a status in common. If not, it will be set to In Progress.

  1. update the appointment status to Admitted, provided it is not Billed or Completed




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Re: Appointment transfer to worklist


Just a question. Will this check patients in for the purposes of pharmacy orders?

I guess what we do not want is a way for staff to place patients into a worklist (e.g. hospital worklist) without checking them in... Thus bypassing an important step for our pharmacy orders system...

Just wondering how this differs from what we do... which is:

- Consult Comes in the door. They get checked in to a worklist called "waiting room".

- Consult goes into hospital. They get transferred to a worklist called "hospital". Transferring offers the option to print out documents we use for check in such as cage card and admission consent form.

Re: Appointment transfer to worklist

The patient must already have been checked in, for the Transfer option to be enabled. I've update the project to reflect this.

This project is for those situations where no work list was selected at check-in.

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