Automate End Period

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This project will enable End Period processing to be scheduled to run automatically using the new Quartz scheduling support.

This will be configured via the Administration|Organisation workspace, using a "Job Configuration: End Period" configuration archetype.

This will use cron-like syntax to specify the day/time when the job should be run. Note that the statement date will be the day when the job is run, -1.

It will also include a flag, "Finalise Invoices", to determine "In Progress" invoices should be finalised prior to running End Period.


The Run As configuration determines the user that the job is run as. This user must have appropriate permissions to perform End Period.


On completion/failure of the job, a system message will be sent to the Run As user.


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Re: Automate End Period

Thanks Tim - looks good. Get me a costing and I will take it from there.  Regards, Tim

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