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This project will add a minimum quantity to charges to prevent undercharging. When a minimum quantity is present, entering a Quantity less than this will not be permitted.

This facility will apply to:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Counter Sales
  • Customer Credits
  • Estimates

For Estimates neither the Low nor High Qty fields may be less than the minimum quantity.

The minimum quantity will be stored in a new hidden field on charge and estimate items, named Minimum Quantity. It will default to zero.

It may be set to a non-zero value by:

  1. Charging a product that specifies a minimum quantity

Medication, Service and Merchandise products will be extended to include a Minimum Quantity field that determines the minimum quantity that the product should be charged at.

It will default to 1.0.

  1. Invoicing an estimate

The Estimate Item's Minimum Quantity field will be copied to the Minimum Quantity of the Customer Invoice Item

  1. Reversing charges

    The Minimum Quantity field will be copied to the Minimum Quantity of the reversal

  2. Entering a Product Template that specifies a non-zero Low Quantity

The Low Quantity defaults to that of the product's Minimum Quantity and may not be changed to be less than it.

Note that this last feature requires the Weight-based product templates to be implemented.





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Re: Charge minimum quantities

We would support this project.

Re: Charge minimum quantities


this seems to have droppd of the radar a bit. I have been thinking about how to improve our estimations and this seems important for a variety of reasons.... Can we please have it costed?



Re: Charge minimum quantities

The "Min Qty" should be the same field as "Low Qty" in  The right way to set this up is in permissions.  For instance if a user has access to change the "Low Qty" then it can be changed, otherwise it cannot.  I would not recommend having BOTH a Low Qty and a Min Qty field, as I believe this will be confusing to users and require a lot more unnecessary configuration.

Re: Charge minimum quantities

I've updated the specification to clarify what the Minimum Quantity is, and where it is set. It is not a field the user can see or edit when performing estimates or charging. It simply ensures that any entered quantity doesn't go below a minimum.

Having a Minimum Quantity on the product means that minimums can be set outside of product templates.

When a template is expanded, the Low Qty is copied to the Minimum Quantity of the charge/estimate as it is stating that for this particular template, the Low Qty is the minimum. This may be greater than or equal to the product minimum.

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