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Due to lack of activity this project has been stalled.

This project has been changed to Under Discussion due to recent interest at the Users Meeting (22/7/10).



1. New Type of Lookup

A new type of lookup (customerAlertType) will be created. This new Lookup will have;

    *  name             : Text that will be plainly in view in the Summary section and new appointment dialog.
    * description      : Text that will only be shown if the alert is clicked on.
    * priority            : A ranking that determines the order that alerts are listed.
    * colour             : Chosen from a family of colours. Each alert type can have it's own colour or users can group different alerts in colour groups.
    * icon (optional) : Either we choose from a family of icons that are preloaded or we can add our own (see below re costing).

Just as we can currently edit, deactivate and create Lookups in Administration->Lookups (eg. Breeds), we will be able to add new Alert types.


These alert types will then be able to be linked to;

a) Customers or Patients

b) Account types

2. Summary Display

In the Summary area there will be either text or icons (see below);

a) If we fund the text option, we will see the Alert type "Name".

b) If we fund the "icon" option we will see the Icon associated with the alert type.

- When either is clicked, it will display the "description" (eg. "Level 1 Account" alert displays dialog "Bad Debt / Do not extend any credit to this customer whatsoever.")

- Alerts will be listed according to a "priority". eg. High priority alerts come first, followed by medium etc This prevents the most important alerts being not immediately visible.

3. New Appointments

In the new appointment dialog the same list of Alert type Names or Icons as described in 2.Summary Display will be shown.

They will have the same behaviour in that if the "Name" is clicked, it will show a dialog containing the Alert type "description".

4. The popup option (removed)

As requested, a popup option has been described and costed but the options are quite detailed.

Given the user interest in this option was conditional and limited in numbers and in the interest of keeping pledging simple and clear, I have removed this option from the current project. I have created a new discussion forum topic here to invite discussion, expressions of support for the popup options described.

4. Costings

a) Text only ($1980)

b) Icons preloaded ($2310)

c) Icons user customisable ($2970)

Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
Development will not commence until fully funded.

Please ensure you indicate the costing option (a,b or c) when you pledge.

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