Display customer communications in patient history

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This project will provide an option to display Communications (i.e. those from Patients - Medical Records - Communications), in Patients - Medical Records - Summary.

This will:

  • make it easier to see the flow of events for a patient
  • remove the need to duplicate communications as notes in a patient's history.


In the patient history, the Note communication will be displayed as Communication to distinguish it from clinical notes.

As communication records can be large, only the To address  (if any) Subject line and of a communication will be displayed; the full communication can be accessed by double-clicking on it.

Where a communication falls within a Visit it will be displayed amongst the Visit items, otherwise it will be displayed on its own line e.g.:

05/02/2018     Phone Log        04123456 
                                Called owner re: results
04/02/2018 - Checkup - J Smith [Completed] 12 years
    04/02/2018 Note             some note
               Investigation    some investigation               
               Email Log        "Anne Blogs" <ann[at]nosuchmail[dot]com>
                                Information on Fido's condition
03/02/2018     Communication    Groomer reported seeing lump on Fido's abdomen. Advised owner to make appointment   


Communications may be created, edited, and deleted from within the Summary. They will appear listed in New Medical Record list, when clicking New to create a new record.


Display of communications will be enabled through user preferences.

Record Locking

Communication records are not subject to record locking, as they don't form part of the patient history.

Printing and Insurance Claims

Communications will not appear in printed history, nor will they be submitted as part of insurance claims as they do not represent clinical history.


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Re: Display customer communications in patient history

TODO - do communications appear in the printed history? NO - absolutely not.


Otherwise looks good.

Re: Display customer communications in patient history

We will fund this. thank you, Tim.

Re: Display customer communications in patient history

Funding for this project was received but diverted to work of a higher priority in Dec 2018.

Re: Display customer communications in patient history

This project has now been funded to 60% by a very generous supporter. Thanks very much!

We now just need another $530 to get development started.

Re: Display customer communications in patient history

This has now been fully funded. Thanks for you generous support!

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