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Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
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This project will provide some enhancements to email addressing.

1. Display the email addressee's name and type

When sending emails, a number of default email addresses are provided in a To address dropdown:

  • those belonging to the customer
  • those belonging to referring vets, associated with the current patient

To avoid confusion, the email name and relationship type should be displayed as well.

So instead of a list with:

Joe Foo <foo[at]bar[dot]com>

Xyz <xyz[at]vet[dot]com>

it should display:

Joe Foo <foo[at]bar[dot]com> - Customer

Xyz <xyz[at]vet[dot]com> - Referring Vet

2. List referring vet practices

When sending emails, the referring vets associated with the current patient are listed as possible To addresses.

This list should also include the vet practices of the referring vets, if there are any.

3. Don't provide a default address where there are multiple addresses present

If there are multiple addresses available, then the current behaviour is to the preferred one as the default. If a patient's history is being mailed, then the customer will be selected, but typically it is the referring vet that is the intended recipient.

Where there are multiple addresses, then no address should be selected by default




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Re: Email addressing enhancements

I like!

Re: Email addressing enhancements

Can we please have this costed.



Re: Email addressing enhancements

Bumping this... Can we please have this costed so we can get it implemented ASAP. We would like to bundle funding this improvement with some of the macro expression improvements if anyone is interested in sharing the costs. Thanks, Adrian

Re: Email addressing enhancements

Done. Sorry for the delay; I don't seem to be getting notifications for project updates at present.

Re: Email addressing enhancements

Hi Tim,


No worries. Thank you for that. I am going to seek to arrange funding for this asap.





Re: Email addressing enhancements (FUNDING PLEDGE)

Hi Tim,

I will fund half of this project. Not exactly sure of the process as I couldn't get your direct email link to work from this part of the discussion.


Sam Snelling - Advanced Vetcare

Re: Email addressing enhancements

Hi Tim,

We will fund the other half of this project.

Kind Regards,


Adrian @ Eastside Vets

Re: Email addressing enhancements

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but is it possible to have any email conversation (initiated by clinicking on client email address in record) automatically saved as a history note in the client record?  An increasingly large amount of our communication is done in this manner, and would be good to have it automatically saved, rather than having to cut and paste.

Grantham and Dalkeith Vet Clinics

Re: Email addressing enhancements

.... or even a BCC field to allow, for example, a copy of the outgoing email to be sent to your clinic inbox to confirm it made into cyberspace.

Re: Email addressing enhancements

This project is already funded, so any enhancements to have a BCC or log to history need to have a new project. 

There is a forum thread here which describes one way to implement track sent emails using google mail:


Re: Email addressing enhancements

I've now created some projects to support both this and Yuri's option:


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