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Matt C

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This project arose from a users desire to be able to send emails to customers simply by clicking a link in their Customer section.

The idea was that by clicking the link, a new email dialog would open, with their email address already populated in the To: field.





Since then the project has expanded to become the following feature list:


This project is stalled due to failing to meet 100% pledged funds.

This project has been restored to Seeking Funding status to reflect new interest (16/08/10).

This project has had the $190 development fee added to its costing (13/10/10).


1. Every print dialogue associated with customer, supplier or patient templates will contain an Email button. The button will only be enabled if there is a valid email address for the Customer that has an active Customer-Patient relationship.  This would pop up a standard compose email dialogue with the document which was going to be printed already attached as a pdf.

1.1 A simple extension to this would be to also allow emailing to referred to/Referred from clinicians associated with the patient. If the patient had a valid referral the user would get the option to email to either the customer or the referral.

2. Adhoc from any customer, supplier, patient and reporting workspace. Also from the Customer Summary section on the Workflow spaces. The same dialogue but without attachment but ability to attach documents.


3. (In discussion) The ability to attach multiple documents from a particular Patient as attachments.


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Emailing from client files


I would like to revisit this again.  I just went to investigate emailing our clients pre-op information and it's very messy.  This email enhancement would make an enormous difference to the system being more "user friendly".  Can we pledge 10% please.


Emailing from client files


Is anyone else interested in this before it disappears again?  I think it would be a great feature. 


Re: Email Enhancements

Hi there,

As a referral practice we were a little dissapointed that this didn't include 1.1. That is an option to email the referring vet associated with the patient.

We were wondering if anybody else had this issue? Also how much it might cost to implement this and if someone might be willing to share the cost if they would also find this a useful feature.



Eastside Vets

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