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Often, standard emails need to be sent out with documents attached, such as handouts or forms.
These are typically static documents that don't require any merging.
To do this in OpenVPMS currently requires attachments to be selected manually in the mail editor:

  • after turning the document into a Patient Form and adding it to the patient's history
  • by uploading an attachment

To automate the generation of emails with static document attachments, provide a facility to attach documents to Email Templates. Each document will be attached when the Email Template is used:

  • in the mail editor; or
  • to generate email reminders or statements


Email attachments will be configured by creating an Email Attachment in Administration - Templates.
This will provide a:

  • name
  • description
  • button to upload the attachment

Email attachments can be added to an Email Template via a new Attachments tab within the editor.


  • Only static content will be supported
    There will be no provision for merging content.
  • Attached documents will not appear in patient history


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Re: Email template attachments

We are happy to fund this.

Re: Email template attachments

Also happy to contribute. Do we have an approximate hours?

Two suggestions:

1. Whilst the attachment is not stored, a list of attachments by name is included in the communication (not in the record).

2. When the Template is selected in the mail editor, attachments appear in the normal attachment area so they can be arbitarily removed if needed.


Re: Email template attachments

I have updated the project costsing based on 50% funded by OpenVPMS development levy funds and the remainder pledged. 

Please note that our development roadmap is full for the next 3 months so development of this could not start until, at the earliest , October 2022.

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