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Cancelled 10/1/2020. This project is made redundant by the Investigation support in OpenVPMS 2.2 which allows multiple tests to be submitted in a single investigation.

The HL7 General Orders project added support to enable investigations to submit laboratory orders to providers via HL7. Investigations may be used to submit a single order.

This project will extend that functionality to allow a single investigation to submit multiple orders. This is required for laboratories that perform a battery of tests on a single sample (e.g. bloods).

This will be supported by extending:

  • Investigation Type to contain zero or more Panels. These represent the tests that can be performed.
  • Investigation, to contain zero or more Investigation Panels. Each Investigation Panel links to a Panel from the Investigation Type, and represents the tests that will actually be performed.

When an Investigation Type is selected that contains Panels, an Investigation Panel will be created for each corresponding Panel.

E.g. given an Investigation Type "Test Battery" with Panels "Complete Blood Count" and "Chemistry T4 - Thyroid function" is selected, the Investigation will be pre-populated with 2 Investigation Panels, "Complete Blook Count" and ""Chemistry T4 - Thyroid function".

Investigation Panels cannot be added to an Investigation, as this would affect charging. They can however be removed.

HL7 Changes

The Universal Service Identifier used to identify the test to order will be moved from the Investigation Type to the Investigation Panel.

For each Panel present in an Investigation, the HL7 order will include an ORC segment with the Panel's Universal Service Identifier.


For each existing Investigation Type instances with a Universal Service Identifier:

  • a corresponding Panel will be created, and linked to the Investigation Type. It will be given a name derived from the Investigation Type Name e.g. for an Investigation Type of "Complete Blood Count", the Panel name would be "Complete Blood Count - Panel".

Existing investigations won't be migrated?



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Re: Enhanced Investigation support


I am not sure if this is relevant to this discussion or a separate problem/improvement idea.

For an in house panel we split out charges up into the individual components with each invoice item having an investigation associated.

I.e. we can charge a "Biochem" individually. Or if the vet wants a full blood panel they invoice a "Blood Panel" Template that then charges a "Biochem" line item and generate an associated investigation as well as "haematology" line item and investigation and "electrolytes" line item and investigation. I.e. Template -> 3 line item charges AND 3 investigations.

What we would like to be able to do (and I don't think this project achieves from my reading of the description) is to charge a "Blood Panel" template and have a 3 invoice line items but only one investigation generated from the charge.... I.e. Template -> 3 line item charges and 1 investigation.

Re: Enhanced Investigation support

This project would enable you to define an Investigation Type with 3 panels:

  • Biochem
  • Haematology
  • Electrolytes

Your template would include:

  • a Blood Panel product which links to the Investigation Type. This is used to create the Investigation
  • a product for each of Biochem, Haematology and Electrolytes

This enables you to price each component of the investigation.

If you want to remove a panel, then you would need to remove it from the investigation, and also remove the corresponding charge item.

At this stage, I can't think of a nice way to support investigations linked to multiple charge items. It wouldn't be possible to define when charging; it would either need to be set up as part of a template or as part of the investigation type.


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