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Project description: 

This project will provide a new administration workspace that will provide fine-grained control over ESCI inboxes.

It will:

  • list ESCI suppliers
  • allow the inbox of a given ESCI supplier to be browsed
  • allow messages to be selected and processed individually
  • allow an inbox message to be administratively deleted
  • allow the content of an inbox message to be viewed as text

Processing Messages

By default, ESCI processes messages for all supplier inboxes, in the order that they are received. If a message is invalid, processing of the supplier inbox stops until the problem is rectified.

A frequent cause of errors is invoice messages having incorrect order references.

This project will enable:

  • messages to be selectively processed

Messages may be processed out-of-order. If the message is not the first message in the inbox, a warning will be displayed.

  • messages to be processed with invalid order reference errors suppressed

A dialog will be displayed with a "Ignore invalid order references" check box.

This will be off by default. If ticked, any invalid order references will be ignored, but displayed in a popup when the order is processed.

Message Deletion

This project will support message deletion by acknowledging the selected message. This will prevent a message being processed by OpenVPMS, and can be used to remove malformed or incorrect messages.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed prior to deletion

User Interface

A new ESCI screen will be added to Administration. This will:

  • list suppliers and the corresponding stock locations that use ESCI for ordering
  • provide a filter on supplier and/or stock location

Double clicking on a supplier/stock location, or clicking the Inbox button, will display the Inbox for that supplier and stock location.


The inbox displays:

  • the supplier and stock location that it pertains to
  • a table containing:
    • Id - the message identifier
    • Date - the message date
    • Type - the type of the message

Selecting a message in the table enables the following buttons:

  • Process - processes the message
  • Delete - deletes the message
  • View - displays the message as text


Malformed messages (i.e. those that don't conform to the ESCI or UBL schemas) will not be able to be:

  • displayed as text. An error message will be displayed instead.
  • processed. Messages from suppliers must be well-formed in order to be accepted


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Re: ESCI Inbox Administration

Would it be possible in the case of an incorrect order number generating an error, (e.g. a typo at the supplier end when transcribing the order) and the correct order can be identified, that the goods receipt can be matched to the correct original order?

Other than that we believe this meets all the requirements.

Re: ESCI Inbox Administration

To do this, I think the delivery editor would need to be enhanced to allow you to attach orders to a delivery after the delivery has been processed.

So if you receive an invoice with an incorrect order reference, you would:

  • process it with "Ignore invalid order references" ticked
  • edit the delivery and assign orders

The delivery editing would need to allow:

  • per line order selection

Here, a list of Part/Pending order lines for the supplier with the same product would be displayed

  • automatic matching

Here, a list a of Part/Pending orders for the supplier would be displayed. Selecting one would automatically match order lines to delivery lines. This coud be repeated if the delivery was for multiple orders

  • order selection removal - required to remove a reference to an incorrect order





Re: ESCI Inbox Administration

What was the final cost on this Tim?

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