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This project will add work lists to follow up patients.

These can be used to schedule tasks e.g. to call a customer in a day to query how a patient is recovering after surgery.

Follow up tasks can be created:

  • via a Follow Up button, added to the Patient Summary
  • at check-out

Patient Summary Follow-up Tasks


Clicking this will show a dialog that edits a new task for the current patient:

  • the follow-up work list may be selected (see below)
  • the task date defaults to todays date, but may be overridden
  • date shortcuts can be used (eg. 2w)

Follow up work lists

The task editor will allow selection of the follow-up work list. This is any work list linked to the current:

  • clinician (the default)
  • user
  • current practice location

Check-out Follow-up Tasks

A step will be added to the Check-Out workflow to add a follow-up task for the patient, if there are any follow-up work lists defined for the current clinician, user or practice location,

This will display a dialog as above, but provide a Skip option to skip task creation if none is required.

The dialog will be displayed after printing has completed.





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Re: Followup task lists enhancements

Hi all, our nurses here will give a followup call or SMS to our client almost after every single visit. Currently, I add the patient followup, date and reason to the Staff Followup Work List manually after typing up each consult. The addition of a Follow Up button at Patient Summary screen makes a lot of sense and will save a lot of time by reducing a number of keystrokes. We'll definitely contribute to this if this project is moved back for funding.

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Followup task lists enhancements

Should there be a practice-location-wide work list, or should users be linked to particular work lists, or a combination of the two?

If a user has their own list, or a list shared by a number of users, then clicking Follow Up would add a task to their list. If they have no linked work list, would into the practice location work list.

This means that Follow Up would operate on the work list of the logged in user, not necessarily the current clinician.


Re: Followup task lists enhancements

A combination of the two would be best.

It would also be cool if this could be incorperated into a worklist (e.g. checking in a patient and checking out a patient allows you to create a new follow up task as part of the workflow)...

My thought is that for us when a patient is checked in it should automatically add them to a follow up list for a call back.... 

Re: Follow-up tasks

Q1. Is it planned to have the ability to suppress this feature or will it always add the 'do you want follow-up' dialog at check-out time. My feeling is that one ought to be able to suppress the 'offer follow-up' at check-out time facility so that a practice where the rate of following up calls is small can turn this off - because they still have the Follow Up button on the Patient Summary.

Q2. I do not understand how the "The task editor will allow selection of the follow-up work list. This may be linked to the current: clinician (the default)/user/current practice location" facility will work.

I assume that the "follow-up work list" is just a normal work list that gets included in a work-list view.

Will the user & practice location setups be expanded to include the definition of what their Follow-up work list is, and will the practice have an option to define the follow-up work list choice mechanism (none/by clinician/by user/by location) and also the default task type to use when creating a follow-up task [one almost certainly does not want to use the default task type for the work-list if one is sharing the work-list with other things].

Regards, Tim G

Re: Follow-up tasks

Funding for this project has started. Many thanks for our generous member who has supported this project.

Re: Follow-up tasks

Q1. The follow-up dialog will only be displayed if follow-up work lists have been created for the current clinician, user, or practice location.

Q2. Follow-up work lists are normal work lists that have been linked to the practice location or user for the purpose of follow-ups i.e. the practice location and user archetypes will be updated to include links to work lists. The task editor will collate the available work lists from the current user, clinician and practice location.

If clinicians are responsible for following up patients, then you would define a work-list per clinician, and link that to them. If reception staff are responsible, then you could define a work-list per practice location, or share a work-list amongst multiple reception users.

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