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Patient documents are currently automatically loaded into OpenVPMS using the docload tool.

This is a command line tool that is typically run using Task Scheduler on Windows or cron on unix.

This project will integrate the docload tool into the web app, using the scheduling feature developed in 1.7.

This will:

  • simplify upgrades
  • improve performance

Initially, the -byid form of docload will be supported.

The tool will be configured via Administration|Organisation, with a new type named "Job Configuration: Document Loader".

This will provide the following fields:

  • name - a name for the configuration. E.g. "Load IDEXX Investigations"
  • description - a description of the configuration
  • active - if selected, schedules the job to run, otherwise prevents it from running
  • source directory - the directory to look for documents
  • destination directory - the directory to move loaded documents to
  • error directory - the directory to move documents that have failed to load
  • regular expression - the regular expression for parsing identifiers from file names
  • log - if selected, logs output to the log files
  • overwrite - if selected, indicates to overwrite attachments
  • runAs  - the user to load documents as
  • types - a list of types to load documents to. One or more of act.*Document*, act.patientInvestigation
  • notify - if selected, sends a message to the runAs user on completion, indicating the number of loaded documents, the number of errors, and the path of the documents that failed to load. If no documents have loaded and there are no errors, no message is sent.
  • scheduling information (e.g. see the ESCI Inbox Reader configuration)

Multiple configurations will be supported. This is useful if documents are coming from different sources




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Re: Integrate docload

Thanks very much to one of our key founding supporters for fully funding this project.


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