Multiple charge/estimate item selection and deletion

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At present, only a single charge or estimate item may be deleted. This is done by selecting it in the Items table, and pressing the Delete button.


This project will add support to select and delete multiple charge and estimate items by introducing a checkbox column to identify which items to delete.

To delete items, tick the corresponding checkbox and then press Delete.

When a single item is selected for deletion, a prompt will only be displayed if the item has been saved previously:

Are you sure you want to delete the Customer Invoice Item?

When multiple items are selected for deletion, a prompt will always be displayed.

Are you sure you want to delete these 3 Items?

If an item cannot be deleted (e.g. it has a minimum quantity), no item will be deleted.

Multiple pages

If there are multiple pages of items, only those items on the current page will be deleted. Selections will be retained when changing pages.



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Re: Multiple charge/estimate item selection and deletion


Is is possible to modify this project so items can also be selected via a tick box....

I suspect many people don't really know about "Ctl-Click" or "Shift-Click" and this is one less thing to teach them.



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