Investigation Workspace enhancements

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This project will enhance the Investigations Workspace by:

  1. Adding a Customer column
  • This will display the name of the owner of the patient 
  • Clicking on the customer name will switch to the Customers - Information workspace to display the customer
  • Note that it will not be possible to sort investigations on this column
  1. Displaying the customer and patient summary when an investigation is selected
  • This will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen, as per Workflow - Scheduling
  1. Adding an Investigation Type filter
  • This will be a dropdown displaying available investigation types. A single type may be selected.
  • It will include an 'All' entry, indicating to display all investigation types. This is the default
  • Selecting an investigation type will display only investigations with that type
  1. Adding an "Incomplete" status to the Status filter
  • Selecting this will display investigations with status In Progress, Received, Preliminary and Final
  1. Adding a Location filter, to filter investigations by Practice Location
  • This will be a dropdown displaying all Practice Locations.
  • It will include an 'All' entry, indicating to display investigations for all Practice Locations. The current Practice Location is the default.
  • The investigation archetype needs to be updated to include a hidden reference to the Practice Location that the investigation is being performed for
  • The investigation editor needs to populate the Practice Location
  1. Adding edit support
  • When an investigation is selected, an Edit button is displayed
  • Double clicking an investigation edits it
  1. Retaining filter and sort criteria between displays

Currently these are lost when switching from Investigations to another workspace and back.



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Re: New Customer column in Investigations workspace

We are keen to see the customer name added, but suggest the following additions to the investigations view that could be done at the same time:

  1. Being able to filter the list on Investigation Type
  2. The Status filter is good but I think functionality would be much improved by having an additional status "Incomplete" that displayed all investigations except those that are marked as "Complete" or as "Cancelled"

Re: New Customer column in Investigations workspace

I've updated the project to incorporate your comments, and added the customer and patient summary display.

I've removed the display of the customer description from the table, as it will make the table too wide. That said, it might be possible to display it beneath the customer name. Open to suggestions.


Re: Investigation Workspace enhancements

A couple more points on this:

  1. Make the Request ID a link that opens the Edit Investigation dialogue directly, rather than have to click through to the patient summary and then find and click twice on the investigation. This could save a fair amount of time, particularly if you want to (for example) just change the Status of an investigation.
  2. If you have applied any filter or sorting to the investigations workflow but then click through to the patient summary, the filtering/sorting is lost when you return to the investigations workflow. Is it possible for this to be remembered in this case?

Re: Investigation Workspace enhancements

1. To be consistent with other parts of the app, this be a double click to bring up an editor. An Edit button should be displayed when an investigation is selected. If you want to update multiple investigations, it would be better to implement the Previous/Next browser support that exists in Products - Information and elsewhere.

2. Sure.

Re: Investigation Workspace enhancements

Any chance of adding a note functionality to the investigations?

Re: Investigation Workspace enhancements

Investigations already have a short Note field.

If you mean adding a Note column to the Investigations table, this needs to be implemented as a separate project. Note that any Notes column would likely not be visible without scrolling. See for the current layout.

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