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This project will streamline Check-In tasks so that:

1. Multiple documents may be printed

Currently, only a single patient form may be selected.

This project will replace the "Select Document Template" dialog with a "Print Documents" dialog. A checkbox will be added next to each available document template to indicating if it should be printed.

Printed documents will be added to the patient history.

2. Both patient forms and letters may be selected

Currently, only patient forms may be selected.

This will add support for patient letters, and support prompting for letter parameters.

3. Patient forms and letters may be restricted by appointment schedule and work list.

Currently, all available patient forms are listed.

This project will allow forms and letters to be linked to schedules and worklists. These would be displayed instead.

To support the existing behaviour of displaying all forms, the schedule and worklist archetypes will have a new node "Use default forms", which defaults to true.

If false, then the templates associated with the schedule/worklist will be used.

4. Patient weight prompting may be enabled/disabled

For mobile practices, there is typically no facility to determine the patient weight, so the weight prompt is routinely skipped.

This project will add a "Prompt for Weight" option to the schedule and worklist archetypes. If the option is false for both the selected schedule and worklist, then weight prompting will be disabled. The option will default to true.

5. Worklists are restricted to schedules

Currently, all worklists are displayed when selecting a worklist.

This project will enable worklists to be restricted to those defined by the schedule. This will add two new nodes to the schedule archetype: "Use Worklists", and "Worklists". The "Use Worklists" node will have the options:

  • All - indicates that all worklists may be selected. This is the default
  • None - indicates that no worklist may be selected. This disables worklist prompting at Check-in
  • Schedule - indicates to use the work lists linked to the schedule

The  "Worklists" node will list the worklists that may be selected from when "Schedule" is selected.



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New style of document

Each template has a Type node, to indicate the archetype/type of the template (e.g Invoice, Patient Letter, Report).

They also have a Report Type node (e.g Customer, Product).

Its only used at present in the Reporting -> Reports workspace to filter templates with a Type of "Report"

It could include classifications like "Check In Documents", "New Client Documents" etc.


It would then be a matter of changing the template query to include filtering by the Report Type node.



New Style of Document Selector (Response to Tim)

Hey Tim,

Some templates will need to appear in multiple groups.

Just for example, both Check-In and Check Out documents.

Could the Report Type be a many to one relationship?

Matt C



Re: New style of document selector

Is it possible to get this costed?

Regards, Tim G

Re: New style of document selector

You'll have to clarify what I'm costing.

The specification is asking to link documents to schedules and worklists, so that on Check-In the list of documents that may be printed are restricted to those of the schedule/worklist.

In practice:

  • a check-in can occur without selecting a schedule (from Patients|Information)
  • a check-in can occur without selecting a worklist

If neither schedule nor work list are selected, what list of documents should be presented?

If both are selected, presumably documents from both schedule and work list should be presented.

The specification doesn't say if multiple documents should be selectable.


Re: New style of document selector

Could the prompt for weight window be limited by species (for example, cats are generally not weighed as every cat +/- cat carrier +/- blankets in aforementioned cat carrier makes routine weighing more trouble than it's worth)?

Re: New style of document selector

Sorry - missed this comment.

You could do this by having a specific work list for cats that has weight entry disabled.



Re: Streamline Check-In

Thanks so much to a very generous and active member of our user group who has fully funded this project.

Development is under way

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