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Often users want to be able to control whether new patient visit charges are accumulated on an existing invoice or a new invoice is created for each visit.  This is particularly true in large animal clinics where they may want each visit to be a separate invoice but still want to maintain the individual invoices as In Progress until cross checked before being marked as Completed and billed at the end of the month.

This project involves adding an option to the practice location setup to specify if users will be prompted during check in and consulting to accumulate charges on an existing invoice or create a new one.


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Re: New Visit Invoice Selection

I think that there is also a case for using the same type of logic with the visit itself.

That is, if the Practice Location option is 'Warn if existing invoice on check-in' it really needs to be 'Warn if existing invoice or visit on check-in'.

In our case there is a house-call practice CC and a normal practice EIAH.  If a customer/patient arrives at EIAH and there is an existing open visit and invoice because of a house-call visit (which is either validly not complete yet, or for which the vet has simply not completed the 'paperwork') then we do not want to tack on to the existing CC visit and invoice, but open a separate one.

Note that both visits and invoices have locations associated with then, it may appear to be simpler - certainly in our case - to add the logic 'are checking in at location XXXX - ignore any open visit and invoice at location YYYY and create a new one for XXXX'.

HOWEVER, because of a) the large animal practice situation outline above; and b) the current usage of different practice locations to handle different default printer settings [we have CC for the house-call vet in his car, and CC-Office for the staff doing his paperwork] it is probably best if the 'have existing visit/invoice - do you want a new one' confirmations appear irrespective of the current practice location and that used to create the existing visit/invoice.

Regards, Tim G

Re: New Visit Invoice Selection

If there was an option to request a new Visit to be created, any changes to the previous visit's invoice would still be made to the new Visit. E.g. if a medication was added to the prior invoice, a record would be added to the patient history for the current visit.

The Boarding invoicing project will complete any existing Visit for boarding pets, and create a new Visit on check-in. Perhaps this should be the default behaviour for all check-ins.

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