Patient check-in simplification

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At present, users go through a number of steps in order to Check-In a patient:

1. Select Patient - only required if the appointment doesn't have one

2. Select Work List - if the schedule is associated with work lists

3. New Weight - record the patient's current weight

4. Customise Flow Sheet - creates a Smart Flow Sheet for the patient, if the selected work list requires one

5. Print - print documents associated with the schedule/work list

Each of these steps display a new window, and each window requires a click to get to the next step. On completion of the steps, the Edit Visit window is displayed. 

To reduce the number of clicks, the steps will be displayed in a single Check-In window. This will contain:

  • Clinician
    The clinician to assign to any records created during Check-In.
    If the practice Use Logged In Clinician option is:
    • enabled, this will default to the current clinician, or the appointment clinician if the current user is not a clinician
    • disabled, this will default to the appointment clinician
  • Patient
    If a patient is present, this will display the name of the patient.
    If not, a binocular field will be displayed to select one of the customer's patients.
  • Work List
    Only displayed if the schedule is configured with work lists.
    Displayed as a binocular field.
    May be left blank
  • Smart Flow Sheet
    If the Work List indicates a Smart Flow Sheet is required, this will enable the Department, treatment Template and Duration of Stay to be customised
  • Weight
    Displays the current weight.
    Provides fields to enter the new patient weight, units, and clinician.
  • Print
    Provides a list of documents to print, based on the Schedule and Work List selection.

The window provides OK and Cancel buttons.

The OK button is only enabled if a patient is selected. Clicking it:

  1. creates a Task, if a Work List was selected
  2. records the patient weight, if any
  3. creates a Smart Flow Sheet, if required
  4. prints any selected documents
  5. continues the Check-In workflow

The Cancel button cancels Check-In.




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Re: Patient check-in simplification

Hi Tim,

This looks good.   Is it possible to have a restriction on the list of letters that are available to print?  We have a large number of letters generally available, but only a very short list of letters that we would want to print as part of a check-in process.  Current work around for us is that we prefix these letters with a '1-'  This works, but it would be neater if we didn't have to do this.




Re: Patient check-in simplification

You can already do this. See Use All Templates and Templates options  in and

These also apply in 1.9.

Re: Patient check-in simplification

Brilliant.  Thanks


Re: Patient check-in simplification

bump. costing please.

integration with smart flow requested as well.



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