Pharmacy order discontinuation

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For practices using HL7 pharmacy orders, orders are discontinued at the time of invoice finalisation.

That is, any pharmacy order that was submitted as part of invoicing can no longer be dispensed once the invoice is finalised.

For some practices, this does not meet the requirements of their workflow. For these practices, a facility is required to delay the discontinuation of orders for a period after finalisation.

This will be supported by providing:

  • practice level options:
    • Discontinue Pharmacy Orders which may be one of:
      • On Invoice Finalisation - reflects the current behaviour
      • After Period - indicates to discontinue orders after finalisation
    • Discontinue Period - used when After Period is selected, and determines the period after invoice finalisation when orders should be discontinued
  • a job to discontinue pharmacy orders, when After Period is set
    This will be automatically configured when Discontinue Pharmacy Orders  is changed. i.e. it will be configured to run when After Period is set, and disabled when On Invoice Finalisation is set.


To configure the discontinuation of orders after finalisation, users must:

  • set the Discontinue Pharmacy Orders to After Period
  • set the Discontinue Period E.g 30 minutes, or 2 hours 


To support this change, the secondary status of invoices will be used to indicate that orders have been submitted/discontinued. The secondary status may be one of:

  • empty - no orders have been submitted
  • IN_PROGRESS - one or more orders have been submitted
  • CANCELLED - all orders have been discontinued


  • Finalised invoices will need to be migrated so that their secondary status is CANCELLED
  • Non-finalised invoices with orders will need to be migrated so that their status is IN_PROGRESS

Note that this status will not be used to indicate the status of laboratory orders.



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Re: Pharmacy order discontinuation


if this is still accurate. can we add in the ability to check out of cubex patients after the ""after period"has finished?

Re: Pharmacy order discontinuation

Advanced Vetcare (Melbourne) and Sydney Vet Emergency & Specialists will share funding for this project.



Re: Pharmacy order discontinuation

Thanks very much to both clinics for your generous ongoing support


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