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When sending reminders, customer contact preferences and rules determine how reminders are sent. The rules that determine how reminders are sent are inflexible, making customisation difficult. 

This project will change the Reminder Type templates to allow:

  • up to 5 rules to be specified to indicate how reminders should be processed. Rules will be evaluated in order, and the first rule that is satisfied determines how the reminder is processed.
  • multiple reminders to be sent (e.g. send both an email and an SMS)

Each rule will contain the following options, one or more of which may be selected:

  • Contact - use the customer's reminder contact or if none defined, use their preferred contact, or if none defined use the first available contat
  • Post - using the customer's Location contact, print and the reminder for posting to the customer
  • Email - using the customer's Email contact, email the reminder to the customer
  • SMS - using the customer's Phone contact with Allow SMS enabled, send the reminder via SMS
  • List - the reminder will be listed on the Patient Reminders Report
  • Export - the reminder will be included in the exported CSV file

If no rule is satisfied, then the Reminder will be processed as per List.

E.g. A Reminder Type might specify 2 templates:

  • Template 1, Reminder Count = 0
    • Rule 1: SMS
    • Rule 2: Email, Post
  • Template 2, Reminder Count = 1
    • Rule 1: Post

In the above, the first reminder will be sent:

  • via SMS, if the customer has a phone contact with Allow SMS set; else
  • via email, if the customer has an email contact and/or via post, if the customer has a location contact; else
  • it will be Listed

The second reminder will be sent:

  • via Post, if the customer has a location contact; else
  • it will be Listed




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Re: Reminder processing rules

Can we please get this priced out?

Thanks, Alan

Re: Reminder processing rules

This has been rolled into the Reminder Generation Enhancements project.

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