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OpenVPMS 2.1 includes basic rostering support to roster clincians and other users.
Appointment scheduling is integrated with rostering to determine clinician availability.

This project will provide two-way synchronisation of OpenVPMS rosters with Deputy so that:

  • roster information can be established in Deputy, which provides comprehensive rostering support
  • changes can be made in OpenVPMS and they will be reflected in Deputy


A user interface will be provided to enable:

  • OpenVPMS roster areas to be mapped to Deputy Areas
  • OpenVPMS users to be mapped to Deputy Employees 


Several synchronisation methods will be used:

  • Polling
    Deputy will be periodically polled for updates.
    The frequency of polling, and how many days to poll will be configurable
  • Triggers
    Shift updates will be monitored, and propagated to Deputy.

Synchronisation Errors

If a shift cannot be synchronised, it will be highlighted in the user interface.


User and Roster Area Creation

This release will not support:

  • creation of Roster Areas and Users in OpenVPMS corresponding to those in Deputy
  • creation of Areas and Employees in Deputy corresponding to those in OpenVPMS

Missing resources must be created in their respective systems, and mapped.


Deputy enables shifts to contain zero or more breaks (e.g. Meal, Rest).
This information will not be synchronised.
This may mean that clincians can be scheduled for appointments when they are on a break.

Updates to old shifts

If a shift is updated from a prior day, this will not be synchronised.


Deputy provides both Permanent Token and OAuth 2.0 access, as described here:

Initially, we will only support Permanent Token access.




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Re: Roster synchronisation with Deputy

This project has been fully funded by one of our generous user community members. 

Thank you James!

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