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This project will provide support to automatically lock a user's OpenVPMS session after a period of inactivity.

When a session is determined to be inactive, an "Enter Your Password" dialog will be displayed with:

  • the message "Please enter your password to return to your OpenVPMS session".
  • a password input field
  • an OK button
  • a Logout button

If the password is entered correctly, the existing session is resumed.

If Logout is pressed, the session is terminated, and the Login screen displayed.

Multiple Window support

If a user has multiple windows open in the one session, the "Enter Your Password" dialog will be displayed on each one. If a password is entered, the dialog will be closed in each window.

Statement and Reminder Generation

Statement and reminder generation keep the session active, so while these are running, the "Enter Your Password" dialog will not be displayed.


  • The "Auto Lock Screen" time period will configurable on the Practice, and default to 5 minutes.
  • A value <= 0 will disable the auto-locking
  • Changing the configuration will not require an application restart to take effect

Auto-log out

The session may still automatically be terminated if it is inactive too long whilst the "Enter Your Password" dialog is displayed.

The Auto Lock Screen and existing Auto Logout configuration options are both based on when the session was first inactive. So if Auto Lock Screen is set to 5, and Auto logout is set to 10, the session will be terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity.




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