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Update 27/5/15: This project has been cancelled as similar functionality can be obtained using:

This project will allow Service products to update stock quantities.

Services will have a new "Includes" field, similar to that present in Template products.

Each included product:

  • may be a Medication, Merchandise or another Service product. This allows for complex services to be created and reused.
  • will indicate the quantity required.

When the Service product is charged, the stock for each included Medication and Merchandise will be changed by the quantity indicated.

This can be done using Template products, but it has the downside that invoices contain many items that are only required for the purposes of stock control.


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Re: Service product stock control

Tim A - can you please cost this up so we can fund it (assuming that its not a zillion dollars ;-)

Regards, Tim G

Re: Service product stock control


This project sort of passed me by.... Will this support the billing/printing flags discussed here?

Re: Service Items can reduce stock

This would be a fantastic addition, however I would love the option to be able to supress billing and printing of some products that are only used for stock control, etc.

Re: Service product stock control

Missed these comments somehow.

This project doesn't include billing or print flags, as I think they only apply to templates where consumables are used. For the purposes of this project:

  • services will list products to include; and
  • the service appears on the invoice rather than included products, as separate line items for the included products aren't generated.

This makes for clearer invoices but has a number of limitations:

  • you can't change quantities of included products at invoicing (e.g. if you used 3 scalpels instead of 2)
  • changes to the products that a service includes will affect stock quantities if an invoice is subsequently amended.


1. create a service A, that includes 10 of product B.

2. create an invoice, and charge A. The stock of B is adjusted -10.

3. edit service A, and change the includes to 15 of B.

4. edit the invoice, and delete the charge for A. The stock of B is adjusted +15.

This is because the amount of stock of the included products can't be stored without introducing a new record linked to charge items.

The alternative would be to introduce billing and print flags on templates. You get longer invoices to edit, but you have much more control of stock quantities, and can suppress consumables in the printed invoice.


Re: Service product stock control

I think that this project can be cancelled/completed because its aims are finctionally met by the Template/zero-priced flag facility in 1.8

Regards, Tim G

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