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OpenVPMS keeps track of the last selected clinician, and uses this to automatically populate clinician fields during workflows. This simplifies data entry for:

  • reception and nursing staff
  • sites that use the same login sessions for multiple users (e.g. shared terminals in consulting rooms)

This is insufficient for sites where terminals aren't shared. Here the logged in clinician should always be used, if one is available.

This project will provide a practice setting that always uses the logged in clinician, if one is available.

Current Behaviour

For the Check-In workflow, the clinician is obtained from the appointment.

For the Consult workflow, the clinician is obtained from the appointment or task. If there is none, the last selected clinician is used.

For the Check-Out, and Payment workflows, the last selected clinician is used.

In each workflow, if the clinician is changed, then the new clinician will be used to automatically populate other Clinician fields.

New Behaviour

A new Practice option Use Logged In Clinician will be provided. When ticked, and the logged in user is a clinician, it will be used to populate Clinician fields. Clinician fields can be changed to a different clinician, but the selected clinician won't become the new default for other Clinician fields.

If the logged in user is not a clinician, then the existing behaviour will be seen.




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Re: Use Logged In Clinician option


Can we please get this costed. The changes to the clinician selection are driving us batty and lots of records are being written under the wrong clinician's details.



Re: Use Logged In Clinician option

Note that in 1.9.3 (and perhaps earlier versions of 1.9), if you login and you are a clinician (ie in your user record you have Category=Clinician set) then you (say Dr Bloggs) will be initially set as the default clinician.  If you change the clinician to say Dr Smith by entering them as say the clinician in an invoice line item, then Dr Smith will become the new default.

This project alters this behaviour so that if you have 'Use Logged in Clinician' checked in the practice record, then if you are logged in as Dr Bloggs, you cannot enter Dr Smith as the clinician on an invoice line item. You must log out, and Dr Smith must login in order to do this.

Regards, Tim G

Re: Use Logged In Clinician option

This project has been fully funded and will now proceed to the development phase. Thanks Adrian!


Re: Use Logged In Clinician option


I have been asked by a staff member to see if it's possible to have the cursor default to the product section rather than the clinician (as the clinician is already pre-filled now).

Since the update, when you press Add, it drops the cursor to the end of the Clinician's Name rather than cursor at the product.

It's a small thing but makes charging easier.




Re: Use Logged In Clinician option

This has been fixed in OpenVPMS 2.0.2, which is now available.

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