Searching a patient by microchip number

 In OpenVPMS microchips are stored as an identities.


Searching for an identiity

To find a patient with a certain microchip number you need to search for a patient with that identity. To do this go to the patient information screen and press select to find a new patient. The following dialogue will be presented:


Make sure that the Search identities and all patients boxes (so you don't just search in the current client) are ticked. Then enter the microchip number in the search box and press find. 

It's important to note that this will only search identities, not the patient names as well. 

To search for a partial number

Use a % as appropriate. For example:

  • %982 will search for a microchip ending in 982
  • 982% will search for a microchip starting with 982
  • %982% will search for a number containing 982 
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