adding appointment if new client

Is it possible to make an appointment for a new client if do not have new client details?

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Re: adding appointment if new client

No, but when creating the appointment you can click on the binoculars to the right of the Customer field and then click New. This will prompt to create a customer.
You only need to enter the Last Name for it to be accepted.

Re: adding appointment if new client

thanks - you are v helpful.

Re: adding appointment if new client

The one exception to this rule is if the appointment is created through the online booking service (e.g. if you are using PetYeti), and the customer or patient aren't already in OpenVPMS.
In this case, the Customer and/or Patient fields will be blank, and their details will be sent through as text in the Booking Notes field. You then need to manually create the customer and/or patient from the notes and update the appointment.


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