Counter Sales not finalising


I haven't used the OTC Counter Sale very often so this is hopefully very simple question for those that do.

Our counter sales are getting stuck In Progress or something even though the payment has been put through.

When looking at the customer side bar, the Overdue amount is $25 and the Current amount is -$25

There doesn't seem to be a way to clear this without reversing the transaction and invoicing it again.

Is it possibly related to the practice location? Ie OTC is related to one location, but the transaction is happening at a different location?

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Re: Counter Sales not finalising

I used to see this happen sometimes

I figured it was because somehow staff had been using the feature incorrectly.

I assume you are looking at the build in OTC account.

We currently have the same issue as you...

We do have 2 locations and I can only assume transaction was at one and the payment at balances in any i have been ignoring it.

You only ever see it on the account bal



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Re: Counter Sales not finalising

Yep, that's exactly the issue.

I do know the transaction and payment were at the same location, but they were at the location that was set up most recently (ie not the original practice location).

It does balance, but it prints in our Customer Aged Balance report and I've been asked to investigate.

No biggie if it can't be fixed though.

Re: Counter Sales not finalising

In Customers - Charges, Payments and Accounts you can view the OTC customer.

Check that there are no old Counter Sale in In Progress status.
This could indicate that a browser session terminated before a Payment could be captured.
OTC charges remain In Progress until the payment is captured, then both are finalised together. If payment is cancelled, then the charge should be deleted. However if the browser is closed before this happens, you might be left with an In Progress charge.

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