data verification - Insist and Persist and google maps for address

Any chance we can look at insist and persist data verification project

i have noticed more insist parameters popping up in the new 1.9.2 version

eg not able to add a client without a contact number would be good


persist - a popup reminder to add client or patient missing data eg address, microchips, gender, etc


google maps or similar for address verification, to reduce errors

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Zebra Printer label writer

I have a Zebra label printer GK420d, prints very well, small font easily readable, fast printing, although considerably more expensive than the dymo 

I had custom labels made 7.6cm x 5.06cm

Attached is the Jaspersoft label template, hopefully it saves someone an hour or two of tinkering

not the best file name, but the label template works with version 1.9.2

label zebra rotated 180 (1).jrxml 9.27 KB

Re: data verification - Insist and Persist and google maps ...

Hi there,

We would prefer mandatory fields (for Customer or Patient) were;

a) Practice configurable

b) Formatted to indicate their mandatory nature rather then adding another popup.



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