Computer Freezes when printing label through openvpms

Just looking for some guidance or advice. When printing labels through openvpms the program has suddenly started freezing and will not print any labels.  There is no error msg . Last week I had the same issue when going to print documents through openvpms with our normal printer but after restarting it fixed itself . This time the restart didn't solve anything. Any help will be much appreciated. 


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Re: Computer Freezes when printing label through openvpms


I somewhat suspect you need to talk to your implementer as this sounds like a possible issue with printer drivers/installation.

Sorry if that isn't helpful, but most printer issues in my experience are such problems.

Re: Computer Freezes when printing label through openvpms

I agree with Adrian - does not feel like an OpenVPMS problem. Some troubleshooting suggestions/questions:

a) can you print to the label printer from outside OpenVPMS? [if not, then definitely not an OpenVPMS problem]

b) Is the label printer connected to the machine running OpenVPMS, or to a workstation, or to a print server?  If the second, have you tried restarting the workstation; if the latter have you tried powering off/on the print server.

c) when you say 'the program is freezing' do you mean that the workstation you are using is freezing, or that the machine running OpenVPMS is freezing?

Basically more information is needed for a more accurate diagnosis.

Regards, Tim G

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