"Essential" Patient documents

Hello everyone,

Proposal #1

Would other people find it useful to have some patient or customer forms available without having to go through the current process of creation?

Let me explain more clearly. I reckon we all use admission labels right? Or for the generous/foolish amongst us, customer credit application forms ;-) What if these forms could be printed as if selected within the Documents tab and the Print button pressed.

Such a list of forms might be available from a tab in the Customer or Patient workspace. Selecting a list item, prints the form.

These would be a new type of template type that practices could have as many or as few as they wanted. The downside is that the document will not be associated with an event. For us that's not a downside though.

Proposal #2

And whilst I'm on documents, how cool would it be if the Print button in Medical records enabled a Print Document button that behaved the same as going into Documents and clicking Print there?


Every click eliminated is good for the soul

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Re: "Essential" Patient documents

I like Proposal 2 in particular.

Re: "Essential" Patient documents


Would an 'add letter' button work just as well?   Would there be any reason why the document to be printed is not a letter?   When you add the letter it could come up with a print dialogue box automatically so you could either print or save the letter.



Re: "Essential" Patient documents

Hey David,

I was thinking more along the lines of a simple quick way to print some standard forms without having to go through the current process of adding them. Implicit in this is that such form generation for the purposes of printing or emnailing would not create an entry within the Documents tab.



1. Go into Patient

2. Choose Admission form from "Standard Forms List"

3. Admission form print dialog opens or just prints immediately if template set to non interactive.

Rather then currently where we click through the proces to add a form, then go into Documents to print.




Every click eliminated is good for the soul

Re: "Essential" Patient documents

I think that we need to be very careful.  Things to consider:

a) 'Standard Forms List' - are these Patient Letters (user can enter some data) or Patient Forms (user cannot enter any data). Note that one could, by using a appropriate naming convention, create a set of standard forms/letters - say by calling them AA-xxxx - these would then appear at the top of the list of letters/forms

b) 'would not create an entry in the documents tab' - do you really want no record of the fact that you generated a form/letter for the patient?

c) if you don't save the document somewhere, how does 'attach to email work'

d) in the current system, having got to the Patients|Medical Records screen, I can generate a new letter by typing ALt-N L Enter (ie New|Letter|OK) - not a lot of work.

e) what might be of benefit is a Print button on the Letter/Form screen - functions as OK then Print.

f) note that to avoid confusion, we make everything 'letters'. ie what are normally 'forms' (no prompting for user input) work happily as letters - and the staff do not have to think 'is it a form or a letter'.


Regards, Tim G

Re: "Essential" Patient documents

Howdy Tim,

The intention of these "quick" docs would be for printed materials that aren't neccasry for recording. Having said that, creating a document act to support them wouldn't be a deal breaker. 

heres a short list of documents that we would print using this method.

- Admission labels 

- Hospital charts

- Surgery workflow sheets

- Customer credit applications

with all of these examples (excluding admission labels), the document has no value until it is reattached with written content. 

Here's a sample workflow.

Prior to every surgery day our theatre staff generate patient labels and surgery workflow sheets. Other clinics may print monitoring sheets as well.

currently they would

1. go into documents/medical records,

2. use the create new form shortcut 

3. choose one from the large list (cant do this without mouse clicking)

4. create

5. select from doc list

6. click print

The way we get around this now is that we link document templates to a product called PREPARE SURG. It generates the documents above as linked templates representing a good click reduction. But it also starts a zero value invoice. Not ideal.

Use case 2

we use admission labels in consults for lots of things. Urine jars. Document labelling. They have barcodes on them for auto attaching.being able to pull down a drop down and single click a patient quick doc and have it open a print dialog would be pretty sweet. (Or right click context menu in the future) We would almost certainly make them non interactive to have them print to a pre designated printer.

re emailing, I figured that the system has the ability to generate a PDF for an attachment from the print dialog. An example would be medical records printing where no document act exists. But as I said, creating document acts is not a big deal.



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