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This project popped up on my radar because I was about to post something about our need to have better estimating templates.

From what I can see this is essentially a project to allow for better templating of estimates.

If this project gets up what I can see us doing is creating a client called "Estimates" with a whole bunch of estimates that we can then copy. This seems a little bit round about to me.

For us to use estimate templates via this project if I wanted to use a TPLO template I would need to find the estimate customer, find the correct estimate, copy it, remember and find the customer I wanted to copy it to... I.e. I have to do a whole new workflow when I am already sitting in my customer's file thinking "I want to add a TPLO estimate to this customer".

Would a better solution not be to have "estimate templates" the same way we have "product templates"?

We could even put them in the same area? I imagine it would be a bit more coding, but a better long term solution.


I am sitting in the customer and create a new estimate and there is a dropdown menu or search box where I can find all my saved estimate templates. I select one and it drops all the information in INCLUDING notes, title (and for us "Exculsions").

Would people be interested in this variation of the project above?

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Re: Estimate Templates

Another option would be to enhance product templates to support an estimate note.

So if you create an estimate, and the first item you add is a product template, the:

  • estimate title would updated to reflect the product template Printed Name (unless it has been already been changed from the default)
  • estimate note would be copied from the template to the estimate

Re: Estimate Templates

Hi, This is a good idea.

I would be ok with this.

One other issue we have (and probably our biggest) with generating estimates is the lack of a ways to save low/high price information for use in estimates.

For example, for a typical GDV we would estimate to the owners the dog will spend 2-4 days in hospital with hospitalisation costs of $X to $Y per day.


For me, the final piece of the estimates puzzle is to have this information saved in a template, so we can just drop the template in. The low/high prices for things are in there as well as the low/high quantities...

Did you have a suggestion for how we can achieve this as well?



Re: Estimate Templates

I don't think product templates should be changed to support low and high unit prices along with all of the other things they support.

For low and high prices, either copying an existing estimate as per the current project spec or adding support for estimate templates that support low/high prices is probably the way to go.


Re: Estimate Templates

The estimate templates idea is probably the way to go then. The other thing you could do with this is have a flag that indicates if an item will be transferred across to an invoice.

Some items you might want for estimating purposes only (e.g. 1-3 days of hospital; $100-200 of miscellaneous/buffer) and not want transferred across to an invoice....

Re: Estimate Templates

hi - do we have a project for this yet?

if so - can you please link.





Re: Estimate Templates

For the hospitalisation costs, can you not have a hospitalisation product or template that represents a day of costs? On the estimate, the low quantity would represent the minimum no. of days, the high quantity the maximum.

I wonder if an alternative solution to estimate templates might be to provide support to edit the original product templates used to expand the estimate.

So if you have a template that looks like:

Surgery template

  • 3 of template A
    • product X
    • product Y
    • product Z
  • 4 of template B
    • product 1
  • 1 of template C
    • product 2

It would allow you to change the quantities of each of the included templates and automatically regenerate the affected estimate line items.



Re: Estimate Templates


I feel looking back at this conversation my initial idea/goal is still not there:

1) Have a template I can insert for estimates that preferably also inserts notes information. One that doesn't require me searching for a previous patient to copy from.

2) Have high and low prices in addition to high and low quantities saved as part of a template.


Hospitalisation Level 1   - Low Unit 1 ; High Unit 2 ; Low Price X ;  High Price Y

Yes - your suggestion is a useful one (irritating when I add in a template and it drops in 1 of each product, but I want 2-4). But I think is still a ways away from what I am looking for.

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