How to change the automatic sms appointment reminder txt

Hello - could someone please remind me of how to change the txt for our appointment reminder that goes out automatically?

Need to change it for COVID - 19!

Thanks Anna

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Re: How to change the automatic sms appointment reminder txt

Go to Administration - Templates and create a new Appointment Reminder Template

Call it "Appointment Reminder SMS Template - COVID-19"  to differentiate between your standard template.

In the Content field, enter the expression:

concat(expr:if(expr:var('') != '', concat(expr:var(''), "'s"), 'Your'), ' appointment at ' , $,' is confirmed for ', date:formatDate($appointment.startTime, 'short'), ' @ ', date:formatTime($appointment.startTime, 'short'), $nl, 
'Call us on ', party:getTelephone($location), ' if you need to change the appointment.', $nl,
'Insert COVID-19 message here')

Replace the "Insert COVID-19..." with your actual text.

Verify that it works by selecting a Customer and Patient and the Sample SMS area.

Once complete, go to Administration - Organisation, and edit your Practice. Change the Appointment SMS field to your new "Appointment Reminder SMS Template - COVID-19".  Log out and back in again.

You can verify it will work as expected by going to Workflow - Scheduling, selecting an appointment for a customer with SMS enabled, and clicking Remind. A Send SMS window will be displayed with your new SMS text.




how to turn off on line booking

Hello - hope everyone is ok with the covid 19 pandemic.

Could someone please let me know how to turn off online booking in OPEN?

Many thanks and stay well. Anna

Re: how to turn off on line booking

You can untick the Online Booking flag on your Practice Location, which should hide all of the schedules that would be available for online booking for that location.

That said, your online booking provider may cache information and therefore still show that your location is available. In this case you will need to ask them to turn off online booking at their end.

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