Insurance Claim for reversed invoice

Our receptionist had a lapse yesterday processing a payment. Not sure exactly what caused her confusion but she ended up reversing the payment and the invoice.

The patient is insured and would like to claim for their visit. When we generate a claim, the amount claimed is $0. I assume the visit is associated with invoice 1326699 and as that invoice has been reversed it is generating a $0 claim.

Is it possible to change the invoice that is associated with a visit so we can claim for the correct amount ? I assume that the associate between a visit and an invoice is unique and we will need to go back to pen and paper for this one. Would be great if there was a work around.



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Re: Insurance Claim for reversed invoice

Hi Stephen,

During Claim processing you have a choice of adding a Visit (and any charges associated with that visit) or using the Add button to add a condition and using the Charges button to select charges from Invoices directly.   You will need to manually enter the start and end dates and condition itself but this may be your only choice in this scenario.  :-)



Re: Insurance Claim for reversed invoice

Thanks Tony. That worked. Claim submitted.

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