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Hi Everyone,

We are using 2.2 and have the Idexx integration with both our inhouse machines and the external lab (for tests we send off). This works fabulously and saves us all a lot of time.

I am seeking ideas of ways we could have the equivalent of a lab recall list so that all tests that are run go onto some form of list automatically (I don't want this done manually by our staff).

The obvious motivation is so that we can keep looking through the list and ensure all our tests have been reported back to the owners.

I can't seem to find a good way to do this at the moment.


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Re: Lab Recall List

1. Go to Workflow - Investigations, and filter investigations by Received Order Status.
2. Select an investigation, check the results, and notify the owners.
3. Click the Mark Reviewed to mark the investigation as being renewed. It will no longer show up in the list.

You could also create a Follow Up Task from the patient summary if you are unable to contact the owner, or want to separate reviewing from owner notification.




Re: Lab Recall List

Thank you - that has put me onto the right track. Just to add to the above from my perspective in the hope that it helps someone else;

* The Idexx Integration is working seamlessly for both internal and external samples that we are running.

My issue was more so when other vets (often locums) elected to send something off externally to another lab it was hit and miss a little bit as to if the results would be put back onto file and or the owner would get called.

So to get around this I have done the following for all other external lab fees;

Products -> Then select the item that would be charged out (ie NAME OF LAB - Culture and Sensitivity) - then go to the Tests tab -> Add -> Binoculars -> New 'Labaratory Test' for me I name it NAME OF LAB under both Name and Description. 

In the same screen under Investigations Types -> Binoculars -> New -> NAME OF LAB

This now means when the product is priced out - it should generate a new investigation under NAME OF LAB - Using the directions above I can then filter the Workflow - Investigations (which I didn't know about) via 'Investigation Type' and the patient details should show up - I can then ensure the results are added to file and the client has been notified.

Thanks Tim.

Re: Lab Recall List

We have just started using the Investigation workspace.

It has been great for monitoring pending (sent) labs as you describe.

We have roles which are assigned to keep an eye on the list and action that which requires actioning. They spend a bit of their time clicking the "Mark Reviewed" button. How hard would it be for the list to allow multi selecting? Would others find that useful?



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