Label for Cremation if set up as a 'service'


I am trying to be clever and it's not working.

I would like to print a label every time a cremation is charged. This is then attached to the tag on the body bag. It clearly states the patient name, breed, and what cylinder.

I have created a document 'Cremation Label' which is attached to the service and prints Immediately to our label printer.

I have then added this Document to the Service.

Problem is I can't get the cylinder to print because it is a 'Service' and not a Medication. Is there any merge field that I can put into the .odt (I haven't used jasper reports, just open office writer) to get the Product Name into the document. This will stop errors with staff hand writing the cylinder code.



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Re: Label for Cremation if set up as a 'service'

Greta - if you have a look in the sample document in <openvpms-home>reports\Sample\A4 you will see that you can get the product name from


The other way of working this out is to look at and the act.patientDocumentForm archetype, you will see that it has a node called product which points at an entity and since you want its name you access it via

Regards, Tim G

PS - you might want to consider using a letter rather than a form - this will allow you to prompt for stuff to fill in - ie the cremation choice and plaque



Re: Label for Cremation if set up as a 'service'

There is a list of OpenOffice merge fields here:

Re: Label for Cremation if set up as a 'service'

Thanks so much. Sorry, I should have known that.


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