Transferring a patient to a new Customer

I am wondering how to transfer the history and patient details of a patient to another client when they have been rehomed.  I did find a thread which said to transfer the patient to the new client but there was no detail on how to do that.

I don't need financial records to come across, just the clinical history and patient details.



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Re: Transferring a patient to a new Customer

Piece of cake Julia - call up the patient in the Patients|Information screen then:

1) press the Edit button

2) with the Customer tab selected (it should be), click Add to add a new patient owner

3) enter the new customer's name [if you have not yet created the new customer, then on the customer selection window, press New to create the new customer]

4) adjust the From date (if it is other than today) and press OK. Note that the old owner will be automatically closed off - ie their To date will be set to today.

The new owner will now be displayed. To see the old owners as well untick the 'Hide Inactive Customers' box.

Regards, Tim G

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